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Caring for teak

Maintenance Outdoor Furniture

At ARB Teak & Specialties, we firmly believe teak should be left in its original state, natural and untreated. Our quality grade A teak requires very little care, and no preservative or treatment of any kind. When left outdoors and untreated, with full exposure to the elements, quality teak will gradually weather to an elegant silver-grey ‘patina’ tone. Left in this natural state, it is easily maintained, and only requires periodic cleaning. Overtime, you will love your teak.

Many organizations promote oiling teak, and applying finishing products for protection against the sun and insects, creating tedious and laborious maintenance. Teak that requires treatment and oiling is usually a lesser quality teak wood. When dust particles are trapped under the oil and treatment products, small black dots will surface and expand quickly, leaving your furniture looking dark and dirty, and losing the classic beauty of teak. At this point, your furniture needs to be sanded in order to remove applied products, and treated all over. Leave it natural!

New, grade A quality teak furniture often appears polished and oiled. This is due to the natural oil in the wood that comes to the surface following the manufacturing process. Once left outdoors and exposed to the sun and rain, the surface oil evaporates. Natural imperfections, which are inherent properties of the wood, will show over time, further enhancing the beauty of the wood. In humid or wet climates, or after rains, the wood may naturally expand and contract, causing the grain to rise. Small “hair line” cracks, may also develop periodically in the wood, depending on the seasonal variations. It is important to note that these small hair-line cracks will not affect the quality and strength of your teak furniture.

Water spots or other discolorations of the furniture surface may be noticed during the initial weathering process. This again, is normal as the surface oil evaporates. Don’t worry, these spots will disappear over time and will not affect the strength nor the life expectancy of your furniture.

In the end, all that is needed is a good wash, using a bristle brush and mild soap. Wet the furniture, and scrub with soap in the direction of the grain. Once dry, you can use sand paper to remove missed spots or scratches that may have been caused during usage. If you have not washed your furniture in a very long time, you can use a “Teak Cleaner” and a “Teak Brightener” instead of soap. This will help removing the accumulated dirt.

Maintenance for SPA Teak or Teak Shower Benches

All of our products are made from quality grade A teak and are delivered to you untreated and natural. Our products are crafted with kiln dried teak, with a moisture content suitable for use in difficult environments.

NEVER use any treatment or finishing product on ARB Teak items in the shower as it will promote rapid mold growth.

ARB Teak & Specialties SPA products are also made for use in wet or humid areas. Body and bath products residues should be removed after use. Clean by scrubbing with a bristle brush and water. This simple care is all that is required for our teak shower benches and teak accessories, and should be done on a regular basis.

The same applies to a teak shower base or mat. The teak mat needs to be rinsed on a regular basis to remove any soap residues on the wood. The bottom of the base is where the wood is the most exposed to soap residues, so remember to also scrub underneath the teak mat and around the support struts. Occasionally, you should leave the mat to rest, standing up against the wall in order to let the wood breathe underneath.