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Why Choose ARB Teak

At ARB, we pride ourselves in being an environmentally conscious company. Our teak wood comes from plantations which are carefully managed by the Indonesian government. Indonesia is the only country in the world where you can acquire 40 to 80 year old trees that can provide grade A teak. Some plantations are over 300 years old, thanks to the Dutch colonial settlements on the island of Java. Other much younger plantations in the world cannot provide this maturity of trees. In many places, still today, the rainforest is cut down to provide mature logs. All of our products are made of certified plantation teak, legalized by the “Indonesian Legal Wood” Authority, and all of our packaging and wrapping products come from recycled cardboards.


At ARB Teak & Specialties, you can find all kinds of products and items to fit and enhance any environment or room that you would like to furnish. We have a wide range of outdoor teak furniture, from teak loungers and teak steamers to teak chairs and teak tables, and unique teak accessories for all needs.


Our famous SPA teak bath line, known mostly for its teak shower benches and bath accessories, will turn any bathroom into a warm SPA sensation. We carry over 50 different teak shower benches, and our renowned “anti-skid” teak shower mats can be used inside or outside the shower. All our teak shower benches and teak mats are ADA compliant.


For indoors, we have a wide range of teak dining tables and exceptional items for your living spaces. Call us to discuss any custom item or project you may want to realize.


Through our realizations, and our 20 years of customer approved service, ARB Teak & Specialties has now become the premier supplier of choice for high grade teak products and accessories in North America. We have become the leader in the teak bath industry with our wide range of teak SPA products and accessories. With locations in both Canada and the USA, including over 300 resellers across North America, we can provide quick reliable service and any unique product you require.


At ARB Teak & Specialties you deal directly with the manufacturer and producer. We stand by our products with a guarantee of 5 years on warpage and manufacturer defects. We provide quality and convenient solutions for your new bathroom and backyard projects. Our large selection of teak shower benches and outdoor furniture can suit any project of any size or design. If you want quality grade A teak, ARB Teak is truly the only place to get it. With ARB, there is no middle man. We are the manufacturer and producer. We deliver what we promise!


At ARB Teak & Specialties we pride ourselves on the quality and craftsmanship of our products. From using only grade A teak, marine grade stainless steel hardware, 100% brass hardware combined with superior craftsmanship, certified wood engineers on-site, and an unsurpassed (QC) quality control process, we are the only teak manufacturer that can consistently deliver a high quality product. Our online reviews speak for themselves.


Unique Design

With over 50 models of chairs, 100 models of tables, 50 unique shower benches in all sizes and shapes, only ARB Teak & Specialties has the teak product you are looking for. All of our designs are unique to ARB, manufactured and produced by ARB, so only at an ARB point of sale, either on-site or online, can you acquire our unique teak products. Our products are also available in showrooms at over 300 ARB resellers across North America.