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Why Choose Teak?

Teak is one of the most sought lumber in the world, and has now become the most valuable. Our teak, which grows under controlled conditions in plantations, is known for its enduring qualities in all weather conditions and its low maintenance requirements. Furnishings built from quality teak combine functionality, beauty and most of all, durability.


Solid and Dense

Grade A teak wood is an extremely dense grained wood with a beautiful rich golden color. Characteristics of quality teak include strength, durability and resistance to insects, rot or decay. Quality teak’s high natural oil content continuously preserves the wood, allowing it to be used in wet, dry, warm or cold conditions. All of our products and accessories are made from solid grade A plantation teak.



Because we only use grade A teak, high in natural teak oil, our teak mats are naturally anti-skid. Once wet, the teak tile or teak base becomes slip resistant. No need for additional accessories.